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Family/Club/Workplace Picnics

The Gwynne Vaughan Park, with its beautifully landscaped gardens and lawns, is a perfect setting for a picnic, large or small. Your picnic can take place under the shade of the 110 year-old maple tree, in the Rotary Pavilion (complete with water and power), in the heritage orchard, or in many other beautiful sites throughout the Park.

The Park is increasingly popular for both weddings and picnics, and although it is not necessary to book the Park for picnics, in order to avoid conflict with other Park users, you should book your picnic. This will ensure that you will have the site (ie. the Rotary Pavilion) you want on the day you want it. Booking will also ensure that the power and water is turned on for your picnic. The washroom is only unlocked for booked events. 

To book the Park for your picnic or party email  see events page for more information

There is no set charge to use the Park for picnics, but we would appreciate a donation  for those picnics that have been booked.

There are picnic tables in the Park, and a washroom (in the yellow building next to the community garden plots).  The washroom is only available for booked events. 

Individuals and small groups are, of course, most welcome to visit this beautiful Park at any time.




For information on picnics in the Park, email

The Gwynne Vaughan Park has no paid employees. Volunteers do all the work at the Park, including reservations. When you are arranging a picnic at the Park, you are talking to a volunteer who willingly gives up his/her time in order to make the park more available to Chilliwack residents.

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