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History of the Gwynne Vaughan Park


In 1993 Mrs. Adelaide (Gwynnie) Bateman bequeathed her family home and 6.8 acres to the City of Chilliwack to be used as a community park. With City Councillor Doug Steinson leading a groundswell of support from Chilliwack residents, the City accepted this gift.

The Gwynne Vaughan Park Society was formed in 1995, and agreed to work together with the City to not only preserve, but also improve the house and grounds. Chilliwack's most unique and beautiful park was born.

The The 1896 house, which was built for Alfred Driscoll, was sold to Chilliwack City Council member, D.E. Gwynne Vaughan in 1902. The charming Edwardian house has been restored and maintained to a high standard. Although the interior has been modernized, the exterior looks much the same as it as for the last century. It is currently occupied by tenants and not open to the public.

The heritage orchard, which still produces an abundance of fruit, is pruned and maintained by professional arborists, in order to prolong the life of these very old trees.

Many Chilliwack residents have given generous donations to the Park for memorial benches, trees, equipment, paving stones and plants. The City  of Chilliwack, as well as businesses, community groups and individuals continue to support the Park with funds and personal effort.


Both the Usher family, and Judge and Mrs. Alan Guinet made substantial donations to help establish the Gwynne Vaughan Park Society.

The Chilliwack Rotary Club donated money to install a washroom, and to build a storage shed. The Club also donated funds to start the Allottment, now Community Gardens.

The Chilliwack Fraser Rotary donated funds for the Gwynne Vaughan Park Rotary Pavilion.

Sardis Secondary School students built and donated a garden shed.

The Chilliwack Foundation donated funds to build a new entrance at the corner of Hope River Rd. and Williams Rd. North.

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