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Historic Dates

1896 House built for Alfred Driscoll
1902 House and land sold to Chilliwack City council member, D.E. Gwynne Vaughan (15 acres).
1907 Adelaide Gwynne Vaughan born.
1993 House and land (6.8 acres) donated to the City of Chilliwack for a community park.
1995 Gwynne Vaughan Park Society formed by city council member, Doug Steinson.
1996 20 allotment gardens established with a $1,000 donation from the Chilliwack Rotary Club.
1997 First plant sale, June 14, held in Glen Thelin's yard.
Major cash gifts received from the Usher estate and Judge and Mrs. Alan Guinet.
Non-profit tax number applied for and received.

Chilliwack Rotary Club donated $5,000 for garden shed.
Parking lot improved and house roof reshingled.

1999  New Gwynne Vaughan Park sign carved. Dan Coulter built new wooden rail fence. The attic and porch ceilings insulated.
2000  A second major cash gift received from Judge and Mrs. Alan Guinet. Exterior of house scraped and painted. Washroom added to garden shed.
2001 Chilliwack Fraser Rotary Club donated money for pavilion. Paving stone walkway completed. Friends of the Park formed under the leadership of Ken Wilson.
2002 Heritage award received.
2003 7th annual Plant Sale and Garden Party netted $10,000. First Holly Sale in December, with half the proceeds going to Chilliwack Community Services Christmas Care programme.
Extensive repairs to interior of house.
2004  Chilliwack Fraser Rotary Garden Pavilion dedicated June 2, 2004.
2009 13th annual Plant Sale and Garden Party netted $9,000.00
2010  GVP Society applied for and received a grant of $15,400 from the Chilliwack Foundation to build an entrance to the Park at the corner of Hope River Rd. and Williams Rd. North. The City and the Park will make equal contributions to this project.


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